Council Hitch Towbars


Aventa LX Tow Bar

Aventa LX Tow Bar

The Aventa LX has a ball in socket design that incorporates a spherical joint instead of the traditional bolted together flex joint. This cutting edge design reduces wear points and allows for an extremely strong and durable attachment between the coach and the towed vehicle.

  • Cutting edge ball-in-socket design
  • Off-set triple lugs to better align towing forces
  • Self tightening picot connection
  • Rubber boots to protect from road grime
  • Dependable steel construction
  • Class IV tow bar, for use with towed vehicles up to 10,000 lbs
  • Legs collapse & extend to lock for easy hook-up
  • Hook up is a cinch – the 360 degree swivel allows you to be out of alignment or on uneven surfaces
  • The ultimate in quick disconnecting
  • Weighs approximately 42 lbs
  • Three year warranty on tow bar



Direct-connect tow bar

5,000 lb. weight capacity

The lightest and newest tow bar in the Blue Ox line is the all-new Aladdin. Its direct-connect, fold-away design is a proven favorite among towing enthusiasts.

The Aladdin offers:
Ultra-light, ultra-strong aluminum tow bar; weighs just 17 1/2 lbs.

Self-aligning to allow simple one-person hitching and unhitching.

Folds and stores directly on the RV.

Unique pivot design eliminates ball mount, ball coupler and hitch ball, reducing concerns about ball height.



Motorhome mounted tow bar

5000 lb. weight capacity

Roadmaster towbars are unsurpassed for strength and longevity. Relentless testing & high standards assure the safety of you and your family.


The Falcon eliminates the need to lift the tow bar off the front of your car. In seconds, the Falcon can be easily stored on your motorhome.

No Ball Mount To Drag
The Falcon mounts directly into a 2″ receiver. There is no ball mount or ball.

Autowlok System
Allows arms to adjust for an easy, one-person hook-up. Stainless steel assures trouble-free operation.

Weight Assist Bushings
The Falcon incorporates bushings at the swivel points that help support the weight of the tow bar during the hook-up and unhook procedures.



Precision folding tow bar

5,000 lb. weight capacity

stow master 5000 Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel prevents corrosion that binds. It also allows smooth and easy operation of the tow bar.

One-Person Quick Disconnect
Thanks to its unique self-supporting quick-disconnects, one person can quickly and easily mount or remove the tow bar in seconds.

Full-Length Safety Base
Only StowMaster utilizes a full-length angle iron support across the rear of the bar to guarantee strength and durability.

Plug Welded Arms
The StowMaster has steel plugs which seal the ends of the arms to help prevent moisture and debris from corroding or degrading the operation of the bar.

Autowlok System
The Autowlok System allows arms to adjust for an easy, one-person hook-up. Stainless Steel assures trouble-free operation.

Safety Lock
Other brands of tow bars can be coupled to the motorhome without locking the slide collar. When this happens, the collar can freely slide across the steel tube allowing the car to dangerously wander behind the motorhome. The design of the StowMaster eliminates this hazardous possibility.

Internal Safety Strap
Our exclusive internal safety strap adds an additional measure of safety by preventing the separation of the tow bar in the unlikely event that the primary lock should not function.

Nylon Bushings
Only StowMasterTM uses self-lubricating nylon bushings to eliminate friction between the inner and outer arms. Others have steel riding on steel.